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At the heart of Fordsburg in Johannesburg is Dragon City, where traders source many of their products.

Every morning, customers are making their way to stock up at Achaar King, where the Achaar King management have been operating for three months.

The Achaar King sources its mangoes, which are picked green, from various parts of Limpopo, where the farmers reap and cut them, before preserving them in a mixture of salt and fenugreek.

This preserves them for up to a year, which means stock is always available, although the mango-picking season is annually in October.

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Achaar can be enjoyed with curry, vetkoek, which is also called magwinya, or the uniquely South African bunny chow called kota.


The spicy condiment is made of raw mango, mixed with garlic, oil and spices such as paprika, chilli, barbeque and Portuguese spice, to enhance the flavour. Another key ingredient is “magic salt”, neutralises the acidity of the mango


We sell directly to consumers but also act as a wholesaler to vendors. They come from as far as Harrismith, Maseru and Port Elizabeth.
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